Datman's   What’s in a name?

This shows Model codes,  UK name and USA/Canada name

Model Code UK name USA Name Engine in UK Engine in USA
F10 Cherry 100/120A FII Datsun F10  A10 A12 A14
N10 Datsun Cherry Datsun 310 A10 A12 E13 A14
N12 Nissan Cherry Nissan Pulsar

B210 Datsun 120Y Datsun B210 A12 A12 A13 A14
B310 Datsun Sunny Datsun 210 A12 A14 A15 A14 A15
B11 Nissan Sunny Nissan Sentra E13 E15 E16
A10 Violet 140J/ 160J Datsun 510 A14 L16 L20B or Z20s
610 Bluebird 160B/180B Datsun 610 L16 L18 L18T L20B or L18?
710 Violet 140J 160J Datsun 710 L14 L16 L16T L20B
810 Bluebird 160B/180B Datsun 810 L16 L18 L18T L24E
910 Bluebird 1.6/1.8GL 810 Maxima L16 L18 L18T L24E
U11 Bluebird Stanza CA16 CA18 CA20 CA20?? VG30
S12 Silvia 200SX 240SX?
CA18ET   FJ20 CA18ET, VG30E KA24 
620 1500 pickup 620 pickup / Lil Husler
J15 L20B

Skyline, Cedric and Laurel models were never sent to the states. Other models were either not sold in both countries, or I don’t know of a different name.